Food Basics Toronto Ontario Sale Flyer

Food Basics is a Canadian supermarket chain that operates over 100 stores throughout Ontario state. Food Basics Flyer is available for every customer online, advertising in-store specials on grocery items and household products. The weekly flyer prices are valid from Thursday through the following Wednesday.

The flyer is published in print and digital formats. The print flyer can be viewed on Food Basics's website, or can download the flyer as a PDF file.

The retailer is part of the Metro group from 2005. Some stores also include a pharmacy, and these are called Food & Drug Basics stores.

Food Basics offers everyday low prices with:
- low maintenance - no free plastic bags, just free cardboard boxes
store decor is kept to a minimum and fewer staff are employed.
The retailer operates by pushing higher volumes on a limited selection of products than Metro stores allowing it to compete price-wise with other grocery stores.

Canadian Tire Toronto Flyer

Canadian Tire sells a wide range of automotive, sports and leisure, home products, toys and food products. The company also has an automotive service operation, which operates a large car repair garage in each store.

Canadian Tire head office is in Toronto, Ontario, and has over 1700 stores in Canada. The Canadian Tire Toronto Flyer lists a whole range of deals and specials for many product categories.

For more savings get Canadian Tire money, a loyalty program, where customers are provided with coupons resembling paper money worth 0.4% of their purchase that can be used in subsequent purchases at Canadian Tire stores and gas stations.

To earn points, with the My Canadian Tire Money card, buy eligible merchandise at a participating store, or shop online. You cannot earn points when paying for items such as gift cards, tire taxes, tire disposal charges, hunting or fishing licenses or lottery tickets.